Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF EUR Hedged Distributing (VAGE)


I’m looking for this Vanguard Fund (VAGE):

It’s the EUR version of the VAGP one that is already in trading212.




Could we please have it added? Was looking for a EUR hedged Vanguard aggregate bond option.


And the accumulating version please (VAGF) - ISIN: IE00BG47KH54

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Another argument for VAGE and VAGF is that the only current EUR hedged bond aggregate - EUNA - is non fractional, so there is no way to use one with the new AutoInvest feature.

Yes, cannot start my long term portfolio because of this. The team needs to step up both on the additions and the fractioning as it still lacking a lot of stuff.

Hey guys can you please add (VAGF) - ISIN: IE00BG47KH54 ? I’m also waiting for it and I’ve seen so many requests already! :stuck_out_tongue: