VUSA Dividend Payment

@f1100 a quick search of the forum, in fact about 5 posts below yours would have revealed the answer. I have moved your question to the existing thread.

Well that never happened…

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Calm down, the end of the day isn’t here yet :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve had dividends arrive at nearly 9PM UK time before (admittedly that’s not the normal time they arrive, but it does happen).

Yeah still nothing for me, 9 days after payment date now.

Just having a wee laugh :joy: anything after 4.30 is pretty useless for the dividend reinvestment though :man_shrugging:

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Still said it was coming today :man_shrugging:

Did you get your dividend today as I still haven’t received mine.


Hi. Still haven’t received my dividend payment either…


No still nothing unfortunately

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I got my VAPX dividend yesterday so I suspect there is a delay in distributing all the vanguard dividends out.

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I got my vanguard bond payment on Friday, also hold VWRL, not had anything through yet, hopefully this coming week. Would be good to know what the process is like behind the scenes perhaps the xmas period/covid slowed things down.


We’ll distribute the rest of the Vanguard ETFs dividends today.

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Is this the normal time frame for receiving dividends from VUSA. Is it then always about 10-12 days after the official pay day. Just so i don’t need to worry and ask the same question again when the next payments are sent.

Normally, the dividends are distributed between 4 and 7 days after the official pay date on our end. In rare cases, it might take up to 10-12 days.

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Hello Rumen,

Is this due to growth of client base?

As previously T212 officials stated:

It depends on several factors, the main one being the time between the official pay date and the date we receive the dividend amount from IB. It is hard to cite a definite time frame that should apply to each dividend. It is really a case-by-case thing.

Nevertheless, as previously discussed, there is room for improvement in that area, and we will try to optimize not only the dividend distribution but the corporate events altogether.


Thanks for the update

I thought vusa divs was automatically reinvested as its an accumulation fund .
How it is reinvested I’m not quite sure .

Morningstar states that VUSA versions are all distribution versions:{"term":"vusa"}&page=1&sortField=legalName&sortOrder=asc

And of course, the best is to go to ETF provider to do the proper due diligence before buying any ETF.


@David , another reason to have a Morningstar integration in Trading 212. Financial education/literacy. :wink: