Missing dividends?


I hold a list of Vanguard ETFs including VUSA , VMID , VUKE, VJPN, etc…

Last week I received dividends for all of them except for VUKE. I am sure I was holding that on ex-div date and still do.

Is this a process delay or could you explain why even if got all the rest this is still not yet received?

Thanks in advance, @David

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I am having same issue. Recieved VMID but not VUKE.

I do not hold VUKE, but I do wait for dividends around 2 weeks.

any news on this one?

@kirisaak I just checked, the dividend’s due to be paid today. Expect it in the next few hours. :slight_smile:

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Pay date was 08-04-2020 though. So a week “late”.

FinKi API can track your dividends

https://finki.io/callAPI.php?isin=IE00B810Q511&function=dividendLast&key=[ENTER YOUR API KEY]

Results in the following output:


You can then parse it into Excel or Google Sheets…or anywhere

Get a key at hello@finki.io

4 business days so not a long wait… apparently most brokers take few days to process. I received vuke and vwrl dividends today. Vmid and vusa came on good Friday

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Is within acceptable bounds.
I’ve seen slower.
However I’ve also seen and personally ran brokerage operations that paid on P+0 or P+1
I do remember a few issues with the Registrars of VUKE being slow to pay out and/or paying in the wrong currency sometimes (if you have a currency election)
Either way, resolved now.
Spend/reinvest you’re dividends wisely!

How long do you have to own the shares for, before being eligible to get dividends?

You have to own it prior to ex dividend day.


See “exDate” in the API output above

There is no ‘standard’ delay between ex and pay date.