Watch lists: item removal

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Sometimes there’s an icon to move or remove an item from a watchlist:

Sometimes there isn’t. I can’t remove it
And what’s the icon to the left of the name?

This is in “Standard” or “List” mode. Tried clicking everything, right clicking etc

When the instrument is brought up by searching, it’s shown as not in any watch list.

The Bot of course is useless.

As I type, it’s showing me similar questions have come up before. But there’s no link to the question or any answer. :roll_eyes:

I found one saying click on the pen.
There is no pen.

at the top of the column there is a pen icon to indicate whether you want to edit (move delete) the items on the list or not

Hey, @Punting :wave:

A watchlist can be customized or removed by clicking on the three vertical dots next to its name in your Home Menu. As @WakeMeUp, there is Pen Icon at the top of the watchlist column.

However, here is a link that might be useful. If you need any assistance, please let me know :pray:

I said there isn’t a pen icon, because there isn’t a pen icon ;).

If there were a pen icon, I would have clicked, on the pen icon, which I mentioned…


I’ve just dropped you a DM, so that we can take a closer look :mailbox:

Do you know what that squarish symbol I showed earlier is, to the left of the name?

That one:

The symbol you’re referring to is the newspaper emoji :newspaper:

There isn’t a pen icon on the system generated lists. There is a pen icon at the top of your lists.

“I said there isn’t a pen icon, because there isn’t a pen icon ;).” !

There isn’t a pen icon on some system generated lists because you can’t edit them. There is a pen icon at the top of user lists which I assume you must have clicked to get the first screenshot.

There Is No Pen Icon.

My version of the platform has no pen, for that.
The 3 bars symbol does the same, where it exists, but no pen, which was confusing.
I seems some T212 folk didn’t know there are different versions.

You are talking about the web platform so everyone has the same version its pretty hard to have multiple versions of a website active at once

I thought the same…
Different servers?

Or, as I know I don’t have a pen, all you lot must be wrong!
Seems a bit unlikely.

I suspect what you have done is selected “advanced” mode in the settings page and then in the home page where the lists are displayed the ‘burger’ menu at the top does the same as the pen (in standard mode) but it doesn’t enable editing on system lists (as I’ve said previously) it will display the move/delete buttons if it is a user list

maybe the obvious and simplest thing would be to work out how you created the screenshot that you first posts because you clearly enabled the move/delete buttons so it works. Thus work out how you did that and you will have got the answer yourself. Also perhaps question yourself when it isn’t displaying (ie is it system generated lists)

It’s not for the customer to work out how the site works, it’s for the site to provide instructions, and know about any features when asked.

I haven’t seen any pen, whether you understand how that could happen or not. OK?

I’m sorry if you’re embarrassed that you didn’t know it could happen, but there’s no need to turn accusatory - such unpleasantness makes you look a bit silly.

I thought that I was offering a helpful suggestion. It is clearly easiest if you can do some analysis at your end and work out when the feature is present and when it isn’t because it is clear from your own screenshot that it is present sometimes. Whether or not you have seen the pen (there is no pen in advanced mode it is a burger menu).

I’m not embarrassed but was trying to help but won’t bother in the future

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No, you’ve got that wrong on two points, but I’m not going to spell it out again.

While you may be trying to be helpful, personalising your critical remarks comes across as offensive. I appreciate you may not be able to tell that, some folk don’t, so well.
So yes, you have come to the right decision.