Watchlist to track stock Exchange?

I would like to create a Watchlist just to track the Stock Exchange ticker, such as NYSE, NASDAQ, DAX etc . Is this possible to create? If yes, then can someone guide me.


What are you trying to create exactly?
Are you for example trying to create a replica of the S&P500 ?

Here are a few alternatives I can think of:

  • The CFD platform has indices which you can view, such as US 100 or DAX 30.
  • Invest platform has ETFs which track the indices, such as S&P500. (VUSA is an example).

Can you explain a little more exactly what you are trying to create?
Are you trying to make/follow a composite index ?

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Hi. Thanks for the Reply…

I like to create a Watch list just for the Stock exchange… For example, a Watch list for following (please see attached screenshot)

Deutsche Börse: DB1 (ETR)
London Stock Exchange Group: LSE (LON)
Nasdaq Composite

I just use tradingview, I’ve then added BTC and XAU to the indices watchlist.

I’d agree with above. I don’t think you can do that as it stands right now for composite indexes.

I just watch vanguard VUSA etc for S&P500