Watchlists: loading stock price indefinitely

Hello Team,

Is there some issue with data feed providers? Most of my USA stocks on watchlists dont show any current price, is there some global issue?


Having same issue, going to try webapp instead

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Same! just posted it too. i tried both Web & app

We’re looking into it.

Seems to be ok on Chrome, slightly slow but working much better than app

Is this the new norm due to issue with data provider or can we expect to have it fixed? Today same problem…

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Yep, chrome and Android the same

Not working on web or app for me either.

yep same again today

We’re working on it.

It seems to be working now, second day running. Normally a very good service, just gremlins I’m hoping.

We think we’ve found and fixed a performance bug in our charts which appeard under extreme load (market opening time). It was a very aggressive request retry logic in one of our front-ends which under heavy load resulted in a flood to the charting service.

Tomorrow we’ll know if it’s been fixed for good.

We’ve just hit yet another record and all our critical services (price feeds and order execution) didn’t even blink.