Whats the difference in using ''Trading 212 INVEST'' vs ''Trading 212 ISA''

Can I just confirm what I think I know. So I can start more than one ISA in a tax year as long I don’t pay in more than my allowance in total across the two. However, I already have a Stocks and Shares ISA with Plum which I opened a couple of months ago. I would like to open one in Trading 212 as well now, so that I can have more control over the investment. Are you saying this is not allowed, that you can’t hold more than one Stocks and Shares ISA, even if you haven’t reached allowance?

Yes you can open more than one ISA in a tax year as long as you do not fund it over the allowance threshold AND the ISAs are of different classes, correct. And yes you cannot open more than 1 of the same type of ISA in a single tax year so you cannot open a new S&S ISA with T212 now if you already opened one this tax year with someone else, how much you have paid into the Plum one is irrelevant. You’ll have to wait until the new tax year or transfer your existing ISA over to T212 but I am not sure if T212 accept transfers and if there are any fees etc.

You can transfer your ISA to T212 (but you’ll have to sell your shares and transfer the cash), but you can’t open a new ISA until 6th April next year.

Thanks…was literally about to start a Trading 212 ISA, so you’ve kept me from getting into trouble!

I was up around 9% in my invest account before deciding to move them all to ISA account. So sold them all and then repurchased straight after at roughly same price I sold them at. Therefore ISA account no longer shows the 9% gain as I was repurchasing. Hope this makes sense