Whats the difference in using ''Trading 212 INVEST'' vs ''Trading 212 ISA''

Just wondering what the difference is between the two categories. Thanks

The Trading 212 ISA account is a Stocks & Shares ISA account while the Trading 212 Invest account is an investment account without the advantages of the ISA tax-efficient wrapper for investments.

The ISA is protected from tax on any money you make inside it, for the trade-off of only being allowed to deposit a fixed amount of money every year. with the Invest account you will have to calculate all your earnings each year and submit to the government forms to pay tax on the portion of earnings taxes are due.

For example, you can earn £2000 in dividends in the UK before paying tax on them. there are also limits for capital appreciation, but only when you sell a share, not while you still hold it, above which you will have to pay tax. The ISA does not have to pay any of these taxes and you don’t need to submit any numbers to the government regarding your investments in this account.

Oh okay. So the only real benefit of the Invest account is the unlimited amount of investment you can put in? As I am a working student and only investing a few hundred pounds every now and then I should probably use the ISA account instead of the trading account. Would you recommend this?

@mawilla Yes I would always use the ISA account over Invest unless you are going to reach the annual £20,000 deposit limit.

Thank you ill retrieve my shares and put them into the ISA account now.

Is the ISA only available to UK tax-payers? What about EU citizens?

@disbon You must be a UK resident to qualify for an ISA

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Imy 60yrs and work in getting a small work pension I invest in the stocks and shares do I have to pay tax

Apologies I ment to say I can not work due to my disability I get a small work pension do I have to pay tax. I am looking at investing for the long term I was told that I can not have 2 is a. Is that right

You can have 2 ISAs but you cannot pay into more than 1 Stocks and Shares ISA in the same tax year. If you open an S&S ISA today and fund it you’ll be able to open a new one and fund it on April 6th. Investments made within an ISA are not subject to tax irrespective of your personal circumstances.


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Hi MitchB ,
I started on the Invest platform and only now I realized by reading the comments that I am on the wrong platform. I am a resident of London so the correct thing would be for me to use the ISA platform because I buy few shares per month. Can you tell me if you know how I switch from the Invest platform to the ISA platform? I’m also new here.

You can select the orange “INV” circle you can then switch account to ISA.


This is something I have done a few month ago. Had shares in a invest account before moving to ISA account. Had not noticed the ISA option. I sold all shares in my invest account and then bought them all again in a ISA account. Had 23 investments in total so was a bit tedious. But seemed like right thing to do. Just have to remember the gains I had in invest account are not going to show in ISA account. I was around 9% up before selling them all and re purchasing in ISA.

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You will also need to remember that depending on your circumstances any gains in the invest account could could be subject to capital gains tax.

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I am about to do this. Can you tell me why you don’t see the gains in the ISA account?