Why does my Account Value change so much out of hours Please?

Hi all, have to say firstly this is still my favourite ever App, keep Up the amazing work T212.

My question is regarding my account value out of hours, it can fluctuate quite a few % either way so I am just wondering if anyone can explain in simple terms why this is? Is it because of trades made outside of hours? Is it down to exchange rates? I’m just really curious to know.

Many thanks if you can help

Because of news and extended hours trading. Markets have official extended hours where securities can be traded. Whatever the last price in extended hours is, that’s what the next day market open/starts with.

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I would say your account is in one currency ie EUR/GBP, however you own some stocks in different currency, ie USD, thus due to FX fluctuations the value can vary.


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, confirmed what I thought but great to know for sure!

Should be related with currency.

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Currencies/FX do have an impact but I believe the OP’s concern is stock prices because he said his account values fluctuates a few % each day, FX alone can’t lead to this, except in rare cases

Apart from currencies what can be the cause in your opinion?

Well here is sample, EUR account. Only USD stocks.
Market is closed, value fluctuate. Yesterday there was much bigger fluctuation because USD grew stronger compared to EUR.

Like I said, news and extended hours trading. Politics and so much.

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I see, most of my account is also USD stocks, I didn’t see a big increase, but again depends when you bought in, and what was the FX rate then. I also read the news that gold is going down as dollar is going stronger, but it didn’t have much impact on my portfolio, almost none.

But yes, it can have an effect, in some cases a lot.

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My account value can fluctuate up to 5% during the night with no change in the price of the underlying assets, all due to FX only.