Will you be venturing into AU stocks?


Do you think you’ll be adding any AU stock to the ever growing stocks selection?

Newcrest and Roy Hill would be an addition I’d greatly welcome.


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@CeeGee Australia’s in the pipeline. :wink:




STOP :scream::scream::scream::scream: i literally won’t be able to sleeeeeeeeeeep until this is available!!!

PS I wish I knew how long this pipeline was :exploding_head:

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Rumour has it somewhere between Kazakhstan-China Pipeline (2,798km) and West-East Gas Pipeline (8,707km) … :man_shrugging:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I love it, well you’ve made my wait much more entertaining

I’ll keep you updated! :slight_smile:

Here’s @David working on the pipeline now, actually!


Precision seems to be on point, fair play, welding isn’t for everyone. It may take 100 years to reach us but least it will be a sturdy old pipe.

Yes please do keep me updated :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thats great news down under has best dividend stocks that can be vouched for, How about trading in AUD ? Any plans for that, I am also keen on hearing from you guys if you think aussie market can be next launch pad for T212 ?

Curiously what stocks have the high dividends in Aussie?
I only go off having lived there and sort of guess what’s good to invest in.
I know mining but what else? Don’t feel obligated to share I was just being curious.

Well I own in my Comsec. Westpac, Rio(asx) and Wesfarmers yield has been around 6 percent consistently if you average them

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hope Warsaw comes first. :wink:

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I think there’s been a hick up down the pipeline. Damn welding equipment.

Still sat waiting patiently for Aussie on the exchange.

Shameless bump :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: