WisdomTree NASDAQ 100, S&P 500 3x Daily Leveraged

Was looking for 3x daily leveraged products that track the US indices. Found the following which are UCITS eligible. Please could they be added?

  • [LON: QQQ3] WisdomTree NASDAQ 100® 3x Daily Leveraged
  • [LON: 3USL] WisdomTree S&P 500 3x Daily Leveraged



The inverse one on NASDAQ is online. Wonder what happened to the regular one.

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This would be great!

Yes please! I’ve requested the same ETF, would be awesome to have

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+1 For QQQ3 since its inverse pair is already online. It only makes sense!


Still nothing here,I hope they will realize both qqq3 and 3usl are very popular among european investors
And what’s the point of having the inverse Nasdaq and not the regular one ???

I wonder what is the point of listing the inverse one and not the long x3 ! Also still missing 3usl,3tyl and 3gol
I hope they will start soon to add more long leveraged etfs on common indexes like sp500 and nasdaq

I hope they’ll start considering our requests soon,I’m losing my patience with T212 and not willing to start investing until those ETFs will be available.
I mean,c’mon Trading212 we are talking about 3USL,QQQ3 and 3GOL not some lame unknown etfs…

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