Xetra trading hours

Isn’t Xetra closed after 17:30 CET?

Not that I am upset but one of my limit sell order just executed at 18:09 :smile:

It’s weird. I think the CET can be UTC+1 or +2 depending on the time of the the year. That might be an explanation. I dunno…
As long as your order went through as planned… :wink:

Forget what I just wrote. You’re located in Germany so yeah it’s 17:30.
Who knows :sunglasses:

@eu42 When we can guarantee the price & there’s sufficient liquidity, we might fill limit orders on smaller, regional exchanges that have longer working hours - in your case gettex: https://www.gettex.de/en/about-us/


It’s good to know that regional exchanges with longer hours can be utilized depending on the case. Thanks for the information.