Xiaomi Corporation

Can you add Xiaomi Corporation stock please?


that will be amazing!!

I don’t think Trading 212 carries any stocks that trade on the Hong Kong stock exchange or OTC on NYSE. This will not be an easy request to fulfil. Perhaps the NYSE ADR XIACY is possible?

I crave to ride one of those scooters, but my partner says it would look undignified.

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ride the dream Richard! :slight_smile:

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That would be amazing

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Yes, that would be grate if thay add Xiaomi Corporation (XIACY).

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There is Xiaomi like CFD but there is not like normal stock. If there is like CFD it should be also like ordinary stock to trade.

I think they work on adding some new markets but took them more time than they were scheduling on the beginning…

Xiaomi ADR would be good as well for now.

I hipe they will soon… dont wanna use a scond platform to trade and xiaomi looks very promising to me… hope they will add soo

Thanks for posting, want that also!

Also would be keen on this as well.