YouTube - My Dividend growth investing strategy

Hey guys, I’m pretty new to investing so some feedback on my strategy would be great :slight_smile:

YouTube link:


Seems like you’ve done your research. Believe that markets are efficient and average in. Also, if you believe the former, then targeting companies based on whether or not they pay a dividend is irrelevant.

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Even though I somehow agree Nick there are two interesting points to take into consideration. Firstly, what type of investors, invest into dividend companies and how this might affect volatility especially in a bear market(those people do not sell just buy for the cash flow). Secondly, what type of management those companies follow in order to be able to sustain FCF for the dividend.

Even though I do not agree with the dividend growth style of investing, I like to own companies that attract both kind of investors. E.g. Microsoft, Apple, Nike, McDonalds, MA, Visa etc.

@JasonEnn great video!

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@JasonEnn Great strategy - minimising risk by diversifying. My portfolio is the same!

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@nickspacemonkey Thank you! I 100% agree, you should not buy a stock solely on dividends or the yield.

@datageek I agree! I have those companies too. I do look at other data like payout ratios, PE, dividend growth etc…

@SidePassive That’s why I love ETFs :slight_smile: - Might change my portfolio allocation in the future though