100 slices pie and some other suggestions

Hi, would it be possible to implement 100 slices as currently we can only add 50 in each pie.

Also, would it be possible to add an information as to which pie has that equity.

For example i have 2 pie. Pie 1 and 2, added equity in pie 2. Went to the page where it says this amount is in pie, would it be possible to narrow down to say which pie it is in?

Another suggestion, i find it hard to filter my equity to see which one is online (i know we have those green, yellow indicator now) but can the filter be expanded to add:

Filter by exchange, country, online, offline, etf, equity etc.

I know we can search for the one we want but i just want to see for example USA ones or UK ones etc.

Hope this make sense. Let me know if i need to expand or explain more.

Thanks :blush:

P.s. please lock/delete this topic if this has been suggested already.

Pps. Added screenshot to make it little more clear

Hey :wave:

Thank you for your suggestions - I have passed them forward!

Also, you can follow this thread for any updates regarding the maximum stocks in a Pie :point_down:

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