Be able to add pies (along with stocks or ETFs) as slices in an other pie


As a long time investor with needs for difersified portfolio, I need to be able to add a pie as one slice in a pie. That way I could balance and manage my total portfolio just from te app, when right now I need to calculate the amount or the percentage of money I have to withdraw and invest from/to each of my pies.
To be more descriptive:

90% of my investing funds go to PIE#1 of ETFs, with a structure of 60% Stock ETFs, 25% Bonds ETFs and 15% REIT+Commodities ETFs

The rest 10% of my investing funds go to PIE#2 of 20 stocks, 5% each.

I would like to be able to have one PIE instead of two, with sructure 54% Stock ETFs, 17%Bond ETFs, 14% REIT&Commodities and 10% the Stocks PIE (as one item, as a pie in the main Pie).

Thank You!

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Thanks for sharing your feedback, @gmavromih :pray:

I assume the feature you’re looking for is nested pies or pies within pies. This feature will allow you to add other pies as slices in an already existing one, as described in your example above.

Nested pies are something that has been suggested in the past, and we do want to offer them in the future. While we can’t commit to a more specific timeframe for the time being, we’ll make sure to keep you posted on our progress :v: