10y treasuries rates

I’m struggling to understand the importance of the T10 treasury yield. It has been rallying in the last days which means that bonds prices were falling, therefore yield is going up.

Real yields are still negative I think and they will be a prob for equities when they rise quite a bit…so not worried right now.

But I still don’t understand the bigger picture of 10y yields, I would expect in the short term to go down as the FED QE program involves buying the 10y bit fo the curve…

Anyone got more practical insights on this ? (I don’t care about the 10-2 or 30-5 yield curve, I’m specifically interested in the 10y rates)



Adding to this if inflation is coming as many are saying T10 yield won’t matter much as real yields will still be negative… meaning right now or in the next weeks it could be a good time to add on Gold or Gold miners…