Searching for a bonf etf

dont know if this the right place to post but i am searching for a bonf etf, a short term maturity bond etf, government bonds ,low ter :slight_smile: acc or dist , in eur , xestra , i allready took a look in justetf but, need real feedback from real users.
kind regards to all.

You should provide some more info on what your goals are, timehorizon and what ETFs you want to have judged.

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since i am looking for short term bonds, my time horizon is not long…

The new iBonds from iShares come to mind … look at IB26 and IB28 … not that short but eually not that long. Frequent ‘dividends’ (interest). Feels a bit like cash crossed with stocks crossed with bonds. Just a thought. Otherwise any ‘shorter’ dated ETF from Vanguard, iShares, DWS – they all have them. Careful of, say, UK Gilts with dates longer than a few years as they will be adversely affected if rates rise but you’re locked in at a lower rate… your capital will fall to compensate new purchasers and ‘adjust’ the yield to nearly match current base… OK, IB26 and IB28 might be easier to understand… try them


Thank you so much for your input. very clear!
in the case of bonds that pays interest (“dividends”) , do you agree with an acc one or a dist one?
whats your thoughts on that?
honestly i hold 3 etf: wvce acc, Lyp6 acc, and ftwd dist…i know about the overlap… i want to take on both strategies, acc long term and dist not so long but to readjust in a 10 year horizon. dont know if makes sense to you. i invest monthly and if i can , when the price of the etf comes down a bit. onde again thank you so much for your opinion, it was important.

your are semi screwed either way —

Acc you wont get a pay out youll get an increase in share price. That “gain” is effectively a dividend and HMRC (in the UK at least) want their cut of that – like they do if you get a dividend. You may have to get involved in the “joy” that is Excess Reportable Income etc etc

If the fund is not UK Tax Reporting you’ll get hit with a Income Tax gain rather than Capital (income is often higher)

Take it as Inc and the Income will be tax as Income but if the fund is Non reporting you might tax a gain as Income too… messy… you follwing… they’ll be a test shortly???

All in all : your choice.

If you want to mimic “cash” as much as possible then probably go for Inc

well , semi screwed or fully screwed?
i am based in Portugal, taxes are taxes. 28% in dividend taxes.
the etf´s are domiciled in ireland or luxemburg.
so…all in all is no good…?

JustETF is probably a good resource to check what is registered for sale in your region, then request it on 212 if not available?

Also to note, there’s a few liquidity ETFs becoming popular given the increase of rates and they’re generally favourable in most part to banks.

Sorry to butt in - could you point to any of those? Not something I know about at all.

Not the easiest to find, but a few companies do monthly income ETFs that aim to track the main bank rates.

Black rocks version annoyingly is a mutual fund.

been searching on JustEtf…but i feel there is something that i am missing … or maybe its just because i am doing both strategies (acc and dist)… as i said before , i hold 3 etf: wvce acc, Lyp6 acc, and ftwd dist…
Maybe i am just have the feeling that its not the best strategy but on the other hand i want to play on both sides if you know what i mean.
htnaks for your intake…