2,800 New Stocks - Landing on Wednesday 🎁

Finki how does Vestas fare in your ISA test - I was hoping the OTC version would be compatible due to the Danish Exchange being recognised (and that’s where I assume the asset trades predominantly).


Vestas :heart_eyes: only reason I have the clean energy etf

Good job on the new stocks. A few on there I’m keen to add to my portfolio.
One I’m wanting is MIX. I can’t seem to add this to a pie. I presume this is because it doesn’t support fractional stocks yet? Any idea of when this stock might get fractional support?


You mean Vestas with the ISIN DK0010268606? I assume so.

The FinKi machine says a confident yes - it is eligible. It highlights the OTC listing is fully fungible with numerous ‘listings’ (as opposed to just ‘trading’ venues or ‘MTFs’) but primarily the ‘home’ listing in Denmark is on the main board and not on the ineligible First North exchange. Since HMRC have explicitly clarified the position on ‘dual listings’ (for arguments sake let’s classify that as ‘same ISIN’) so the stock under that ISIN is eligible despite it also being on an OTC market. The FinKi machine also read all the SEC filings and found the official documents that highlight the multiple listings and the location of the Primary issue - therefore providing a nice ‘back up’ (or audit trail) for any compliance departments worried about ‘proving’ that decision. :wink:

All in all - yes. Assuming it’s under the ISIN quoted above


still waiting for EQQU USD :frowning:

Thanks for the info :grin:

Hi @David
Please can you make BGFD fractional
My pie needs it!

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Hi where is the list of new stocks available ? cant find it anywhere , thanks

Nudge for BGFD to be made fractional please!!
Thanks in advance


I’m trying to build a pie with ETFs which are both accumulating and in GBX (to avoid the change in FX rates). Advice regarding my suggestions below would be really helpful.

Could the following ETFs be added:

  • VUAG - could we get a fractional version of this as I currently can’t add this to my pie.
  • RBTX - I currently have RBOT but that’s in USD.
  • INRG - Is there an accumulating version of this? If so, please can it be added.
  • ECAR - Is there a GBX version of this? If so, please can it be added.


Please make BGEU and BGFD fractional… pie pie pie! Cheers

@David see above :+1::+1::+1:

@David :eyes::eyes::eyes:
Thank youuu

@David hi. I’ll put my request in now if you could look at my profire energy stock stuck on pending for sell for hours . Thank you

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Hi @David & @Team212 please make BGFD & BGEU fractional. Thank you

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@David I would appreciate if you add SilverCrest Metals (SILV) And make fractional before Silver and Gold miners go parabolic

Thank you

@David what is this use with these new instruments, if you dont allow us to trade and you stop in middle of the ocean like how you did it for Tesla.

CFII can this be added soon. SPAC