This Week’s Special Bundle - 2,500 New Shares!

First of many.

Enjoy! :gift: :v:

Bundle List


Woah - big :+1: to team 212


Champion! Thank you kind sir.

@PeterA, if at some point you could update column D to link to the price via Google Finance, that would be widley appreciated I’m sure. Thanks again. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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extra swag points for google sheet share :+1:


Only one hit from shortlist but a huuuuge one!!

Prosus NV


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Great job ! Thank you !

As great as it is to have all these new stocks (including about 12-13 from my list), I can’t do anything with them until they go fractional, which is a little frustrating. Hopefully, T212 will flick the fractional switch before too long.

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2,500 additional stocks, some obscure US companies and yet the platform still lacks some of the basic and really popular Investment Stocks. Given up trying to move ISA from HL, feels like T212 is more for traders not investors

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I feel your pain, I too would like to see a bunch of ITs added. However, I would urge you to be patient and cut T212 some slack given the extraordinary circumstances. Others have been waiting far longer for additions–some for many months before you even registered on here.

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Excellent additions. Stop your whinging.


Thanks, really helpful

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Good job! great additions!

I spy - Berkshire Hathaway A shares :joy:

To be fair, Nev, neither is throwing 2,500 new instruments back in their face because they aren’t the ones you wanted. It’s a good expansion of the platform, which everyone has been calling out for.

Take a look here;

It’s just the beginning. If you’re after more Trusts etc, raise the requests. Now is the time to do it. As @Martin says; more bundles coming! :+1:t2:


Awesome bundle thank you very much :+1:t5:

Just re-read my message, didn’t throw anything back in their face, feels like the usual over-sensitivity of any form of constructive criticism. The fact that I’d really like to move my ISA to T212 shows I really like the product, it’s just lacking in IT’s, some of which I would imagine would be more popular than some of the shares they’ve prioritised. I think it would help T212 as it opens up a market for long-term investors who prioritize investment trusts.

In terms of requesting them, I (like many others) have been doing so for months. To be fair, similar requests on FT were responded to immediately. I’d prefer to shift to T212 as I really like the Pie/Autoinvest option and not enamoured with FT’s Plus option, but resigned to staying with HL.

It’s time sensitive for me as I have most of my money in cash, which I’m looking to invest next month following the US election and don’t want to be out of the market if there are any movements, hence why I’ve been asking for months for the IT’s. If I make the large deposits in my HL ISA portfolio because the shares are not available here, I’ll probably just stay with HL, particularly with no in specie transfer. Given the lead in times to transfer the ISA, the window has probably gone.



And don’t get me wrong, you’re not offending me, I’m not busting a gut to roll out these additions; I’m simply observing language like “still lacks” and “given up” and not equating that to constructive criticism.

I understand your frustration - I’ve also got old requests lingering in limbo, but it could be a while if we expect them to trawl through all those historic posts from scratch - my advice would be either post again fresh or find the original and add a new reply, tagging the relevant devs for awareness.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the above was about dumping a swathe of instruments on the platform to potentially shut the penny stock brigade up for a while. Hopefully now the team can make future dumps more focussed. They did originally say in the link I shared earlier that this dump would be US specific, so maybe executing the same functionality on EU or UK stocks isn’t as straightforward.

Suppose we’ll see in the coming weeks.


Hi @Nev_79

We might end up on wrong conclusions if we try to extrapolate how a certain type of investor should behave, solely based on our own experience. i.e I consider myself a “long term investor” some shares I am holding were bought more than 20 years ago and I don’t own a single IT :man_shrugging:

Secondly: Everyone’s shortlist of stocks makes more sense than everyone else’s, this is the nature of things. I complain here after every batch of stock additions :slight_smile: and point out that they added nothing from @Vedran s shortlist (although I don’t know anything about his shortlist, this became some kind of tradidition)

For example I physically could not believe Prosus NV (which is just added in this batch) did not exist in the system, it was surreal for myself. But it is likely that most people never heard about it :man_shrugging: