2021 New Stocks

Has any new stocks been added to the platform this?
Can we start adding more OTC stocks as well.
The Americans are getting rich snd us British are loosing out because Trading 222 doesn’t put the stocks onto the platform.
Please add so we can get rich too

Please search this question on the community forum (magnifying glass symbol on top right).

It has been answered several times in the last 24 hours.

Can we please stop posting nonsense like this? So far this year, T212 have posted near 100 new stocks, if not more.

Last week there was a massive rally in marijuana stocks. T212 have had TLRY, APHA, HEXO, SNDL and more for months.

If you can’t make money the way ‘the Americans’ have been, you’re not playing the game right. Don’t blame the only platform that gives you free trading on a variety of markets and access to dozens of stocks before their competitors, because they don’t have the single solitary stock you saw someone pumping last week.

There are thousands more. Go pick one.

Closing this nonsense.