Many stocks missing from the platform (INVEST)

I know there’s a stocks request forum, but this is a general question.

I like looking through upcoming earnings websites, like Earnings Whisper, checking stocks that may be on the way up with potential positive earnings.

I would find a stock that has potential, then check it on Trading 212.

90% of the time I can’t find it. These are earnings from NASDAQ website and Earning Whispers and Yahoo Finance. I might also read some reddit threads where people are recommending stocks, I google them, read about them then go to Trading212 but can’t find them.

Why are all these stocks missing? How do these businesses get listed on Trading 212? Does every company have to be specifically requested by users?

I could give a list of stocks I can’t find but it’s a mile long.

Any reason for this?

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@pipo Our portfolio covers pretty much all trendy stocks. There are of course a lot of exceptions, the stock market universe has hundreds of thousands of securities.
We’re making some fundamental infrastructure improvements that’ll allow us to add more stocks & exchanges faster than ever. In the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like to see being added more quickly, you can always request it here.


If you don’t mind me adding something to this topic.

You will face this issue no matter which platform or broker you choose to trade with. perhaps the oldest and largest institutions are the exception but there is always a restriction to exactly how many companies and markets you can access at any given place.

the observable stock market has exploded with the advent of online investments and the growth of the internet as a whole, it has become easier than ever to hear of “the next big thing” and get a variety of recommendations ranging from the most accessible on large exchanges to barely liquid companies on very small exchanges in europe etc

NASDAQ and NYSE are already doing quite well in comparison to the coverage provided for European exchanges. It’s always going to be a matter of how to best assign the limited man-power to keep growth steady and for now focusing on requests makes things easier in the near-future for T212. It’s just a matter of time for the vast majority of shares to become accessible considering T212’s current growth trajectory.


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