Please add Artemis Resources Ltd (LON: ARV)

Please add Artemis Resources Ltd.



Well that’s two of us,hope they’re quick. Lol

@Childersbob @Hadders3
Unfortunately it’s on an aim segment that IB don’t have access to and so can’t be added by 212.

Hi random53
Thanks for your reply I thought aim was aim oh well I shan’t hold my breath lol thanks again

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IBKR do have access to most AIM stocks however not all. Eg. For example thay cannot offer Seeing Machines, Water Intelligence and a few other AIM Companies.
Also, if this is an IPO or new listing then they will likely take time to add it, ie. Maybe a week.

Check Joey’s IPO thread for today, he already tried requesting it but it’s not available, at least not yet.

I’m not entirely convinced thats always true. IB seem to have the ‘odd’ security from ASQ1 and ASX1 appear on their platform from time to time. I have no idea why they wouldn’t support them all as there is a lot of good securities out there. :man_shrugging:

I’ve tried to get MWE and TBLD added as they ‘temporarily’ popped up on IB with no luck.

Think you might’ve mentioned that a couple of times. :wink:


@Joey_Fantana Yes and I suffer higher trading fees elsewhere as a result of IB not fully supporting AIM. It is what it is…