3x ETFs information

Does anybody have any experience in buying these 3x ETFs. Say if I bought £100 of 3x RDS for my ISA, is the most I can lose the £100?

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Yes, only £100. But these get recalibrated on a daily basis.
So each day they try to mimic the underlying asset.

The issues arise though when the market goes the wrong way.
As it may become impossible to recoup the losses by holding on to the stock.

If your trading them, keep it ideally less than a day. And less than a week for sure.

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Ok thanks mate :+1: appreciated

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If it is a product from LeverageShares, they are being calculated daily, hence a 100% loss of your capital would be caused by a daily loss of 33% of the underlying security.

From an other providers i didn’t look at their documentation, but I would assume a similar behaviour.


Very important point. :smiley: Always bear this in mind. You lose EVERYTHING if at ANY point in time during the day the underlying stock goes down 33.33%. Even if it is just goes beneath it for a fraction of a second.

I would only use these ETPs with amounts that you are comfortable losing. Very high risk for potential high reward. I would definitely not hold them long term on a volatile stock because of this, they also can have tracking errors due to daily rebalancing. They are in theory not intended for long term use, but I guess that they can be quite useful when you are confident that a stock will go up in a particular day/week.

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Cheers, I think my main concern is that you could owe money like if you shorted a stock and they would margin call or something