52-Week Low Higher Than Lowest Price

I was looking through the CANNABIS watchlist this morning, and for the first 2 stocks, Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth, the 52-week low listed under “All ratios” is higher than the lowest price shown on the 1Y charts.

I searched the forum for mentions of these stocks and I discovered that Aurora Cannabis did a reverse stock split around the time of the lowest price on the chart so perhaps that’s related? However I didn’t find anything similar for Canopy Growth.

Surely there should be no prices lower than the 52-week low? Or am I misunderstanding something?

I have shares in Aphria Inc and its my slowest growing stock. I’m sure cannabis stocks are bound to bounce back but its not happening as quick as other industries.

My post is just about the fact that the 52-week low for these 2 stocks is inconsistent with the charts, which show lower prices.

I expect that it is just a coincidence that these stocks happen to be cannabis-related. However, I’ve never noticed this issue before.