Why C@nnab1s stock is not available in Trading 212

With the liberation of C@nnab1s has been rolled, these stocks will grow fast and become hot stocks

I wonder Why C@nnab1s stock is not available in Trading 212. Is is becasue it is illegal to trade this stock in the UK/EU ? thanks

It’s just a case of asking for a stock. No guarantee on when it will be added, but they should be moving back to adding requests in Dec/Jan.

The one I know we have is ACB (Aurora Cannabis)

There’s also two main ETFs on here

FLWR and CBDX (and CBSX Euros)

Here’s a link bout them

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Should also note that re that FLWR these two are on here, probably others too but I haven’t searched.

ARNA (biopharma)
SMG (hydroponics)


There are lots of cannabi stocks available on t212
Canopy growth
Village farms
Just to name a few
They’ve also peaked and dropped again so take your time


Huh? I have an entire premade/loaded watch list from t212 on cannabis?

Its been there since I opened the account

I have not seen
Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (PLNHF)
Aphria Inc. (APHA)

Are missing.
These are the most commonly mj traded stock in the US.

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Planet 13 will be available in Invest soon, we only got OTC access this Wednesday which has been a massive wait. see below it’s been added.

As for the other we’ve had that since May.


And in fact it’s already here as of Friday.

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Great Thanks for quick reposne

I’m just in aurora at the moment to no real value, I’m hoping they can swim as at the moment they appear to have concrete boots on.
If they start to rise again I might buy back in in stages.
Canopy growth appears to have held ground well considering, I think this company will have the steadiest growth when it comes back round