85k pounds protection

Hi, I’ve read the terms and conditions before join 212 and realised that our funds are only protected up to 85k pounds. Does anybody here know whether this protection is only for UK investors or all investors all over the world?

Thank you in advance :pray:t2:


all European clients receive this protection as it applies to the accounts themselves which are open to being made by non-uk residents. in this case, Interactive brokers and Barclays are both UK registered and fall under this scheme.

whats worth noting is that the protection means if your account is larger than £85000, you are protected to at least £85000 and will receive more than this in reality. you may not get everything back, but in the worst case scenario you still have £85000 and in the more likely scenarios you will get back more.

the £85000 is a protection applied in the case that a default happens, which is extremely remote for those who meet the necessary fund reserves. Trading 212 meets these reserves and so you wont need to worry about the protection amount, your funds are secure.

That protection applies to cash amount kept in our account or to our stocks worth as well? Or our shares are protected other way?

It applies to both, in reality you will only need to claim for compensation if something was done fraudulently by T212. Otherwise in most cases if T212 went into administration your portfolio will be transfered to a new broker (albeit that process can take time) .

I’m not afraid about that. Company was profitable and looks like it still is and gonna be for long time I think (hope) xD recently plenty of people start asking about that "what gonna happen if… " personally was never interested in that topic (maybe my mistake) I don’t think I will ever keep more than few thousand in cash and from what you said if our shares truly gona be transfer to other broker there’s nothing to worry about