FSCS compensation

So someone please clarify.
Let’s say you had 40k in the account in shares and money not yet invested would that fall under the FSCS compensation amount of 85K if the platform were to close at that particular time bcs of different motives ???
I know that trading 212 is regulated by FCA in Uk and covered by FSCS in Bulgaria up util 85k and i heard something about Interactive brokers, what is the situation between T212 and IB?

Interactive brokers handle the shares on your account while Barclays handle the free funds.

the protection of up to £85000 applies to all T212 clients and only triggers in the case T212 is unable to return your money for some reason. as T212 has the reserves required by the regulators this won’t occur and you will instead find that should anything happen to T212 you will still see your account transferred to another broker of your choice.

if you have just £40000 in the account then you will see that £40000 returned to you no matter what happens as it is below the £85000 limit.

even if you had £400000 in your account, you would see all if not almost all of it safe and secure to be transferred to your account should something happen, but only if the drastic worst scenario happened then you would be guaranteed the £85000 protected amount.


Thank you for your answer Dao, but where is written what you said now i couldn’t find anywhere or the thing about transferring the shares to another broker.

Someone said he sent an email to T212 and it was always in vague terms and he called to the phone FSCS but he said even there they wasn’t to sure and they suggested to speak with T212 but they can mislead you if is the case, did you talked to someone from FSCS on the phone and said all of that?
The FSCS lady said that if you get something in written from T212 shoud be ok…i’m still confuse, i need some clarification from the team.

T212 have responded on this topic previously multiple times in the community forum saying as much. I just condensed things in my own writing style. the last paragraph is me talking about the reality of coverage and how most situations that can happen wont lead to such a drastic scenario of losing all your money besides what is covered.

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I have seen some explanation by Alex and the others (but they are officials? i don’t even know that…) but what is the point to write here now and after a few days someone else is coming and ask the same questions all over again or similar questions?
Why don’t they update on their official site some important things like the association
with Interactive Brokers about holding our shares or to enter on IB and see that IB and T212 have some association between them to have more credibility.
They don’t have a phone number i could call in case of something only email and maybe they will call me.
I could say here to you Dao and explain to you something, but why would you believe me, are just some words with no power.
Why i would believe them that they are genuine, they should add more information on their official website.

I don’t want to be rude is the last thing i want, if i wanted i wouldn’t spend so much on here and to try to have faith in them because i believe in them and in what they stand for.

Everyone that has trading 212 below their name in community is “official”.

David, Alex, Toni, George, sometimes Ivan…

Ps Dao is “semi-official” based on time he invests replying in detail. :wink:


I’m not saying their are not genuine and officials, but what power have words here just replaying if they don’t show on some offical “paper” they do im sure, but not to everyone to see…

I look at it from different perspective, if brokers like t212 start going south aka bankruptcy, that will be the least of our worries…

I don’t think the only way of going south is bankruptcy, many things can go south without bankruptcy and it can go south just for us, ahahaa :smile:

Well I was going somewhere else with my remark :wink:

More in way - I dont believe good business model like t212 will run bankrupt soon, thus I think IF they go bankrupt, it would mean world is in big mess and money will be least of our worries…

I think you will find answers to your questions here Long term investing reassurance (hopefully)