9 stocks that should be added


I’d like to request the addition of 9 stocks that I’m particularly fond of. All of these are available on the IB brokerage. They are:

In greater detail:

1 - Ultra Clean Holdings Inc (UCTT@NASDAQ)
designs, engineers, and manufactures production tools, modules, and subsystems for the semiconductor and display capital equipment markets in the United States and internationally.

2 - City of London Investment Group PLC (CLIG@LSE)
City of London Investment Group PLC is a publically owned investment manager.

3 - Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp (MCB@NYSE)
operates as the bank holding company for Metropolitan Commercial Bank that provides a range of business, commercial, and retail banking products and services to small businesses, middle-market enterprises, public entities, and individuals in the New York metropolitan area.

4 - Signature Bank-New York NY (SBNY@NASDAQ)
commercial banking products and services.

5 - Evercore Inc (EVR@NYSE)
together with its subsidiaries, operates as an independent investment banking advisory firm in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and internationally.

6 - Paysafe Ltd (PSFE@NYSE)
provides digital commerce solutions to online businesses, SMB merchants, and consumers through its Paysafe Network worldwide.

7 - Sierra Metals Inc (SMT@TSE)
focuses on the production, exploration, and development of precious and base metals in Peru and Mexico.

8 - Yelp Inc (YELP@NYSE)
operates a platform that connects consumers with local businesses in the United States and internationally.

9 - BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc (BMRN@NASDAQ)
develops and commercializes therapies for people with serious and life-threatening rare diseases and medical conditions.


Hi - are you a new member based in the EU? If so instruments are still being added so you should see these in the next few weeks.

I’m in the UK and can see all of them except for SMT. I don’t think T212 have access to the Toronto stock exchange. The good news is the company is also listed on the NYSE under SMTS and that is available on T212.


When was Paysafe added, I think I have to raise alert here to T212, I already suggested that T212 should alert investors once logged in that XYZ equities now added, just like we all see T212 new agreement once logged in.
I had been watching Paysafe right from December 2020 @$0.6 or less than that, it wasn’t on T212, immediately it was added T212 just kept quiet, this is sad, an equity that could have brought profits to investors and T212 together.

T212 don’t profit from these investments they just route your trade via IBKR to the exchanges.

Looks like paysafe has been available since October 2020.

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@random53, i appreciate your comment

@phildawson, i do understood that, am referring to the process which T212 use to make their profit when investors place an order.

How about we raise a request so that the stock list on the website, has an “added to platform date”.

That way anyone keen on keeping an eye on updates can check between the date they last reviewed, to date?

Could be useful to others if we suggest small change requests that could improve the service of some users?

So you mean the FX fee?

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It’s not removed, I can still see it. It’s flagged because it’s inappropriate.

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They don’t make a profit when you place an order is what I’ve said. The bid/ask is raw.

How do you think they are they making a profit from it?

Or are you talking about the FX fees from buying in a foreign currency?

I am not part of T212 nor am I removing or flagging your posts. I am busy working or sleeping at the times you post and it doesn’t trouble me if you want to share your response.

however, don’t bother talking about manners when your choice of response is to make accusations.

I mention secretaries, because they get paid for doing that sort of work as their day job. system-wise its very resource heavy to have to ping countless clients when listings are added, especially if the pings then have to be customised to the client and a staff member would need to dedicate all their working hours to simply record who requested what to generate the list and then watch for updates. even out of IPOs only the very hyped ones get this treatment as it costs T212 in server processing power. while it’s further down the line T212 want all listings from their available exchanges, so there is simply no long-term viability to such a temporary and resource-demanding feature.

perhaps there is a paid/free 3rd party service you can use for those alerts, but I’m not looking for another job, thanks for asking.

@Dougal1984 there’s a variety of ways I think the listing on the website could be utilised, similar for securities that are blocked, close-only, newly added, recently merged/split/removed et cetera. perhaps if T212 hire a dedicated specialist to set it all up, but not sure how likely that is. in short a “live interactive listing” that clients can refer to in real time, then making a list tab for requested additions would be that much simpler.

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