A feature to help investors withdraw some profits

It would be handy to have a feature where we are able to withdraw either a chosen % (which takes an even amount from all or some of your shares) or say, the fractions from a group of investments in a pie.

A feature like that would be useful for those who want to take profits out once a year.

For example, I invest via 5 pies. Once a year it would be great to hit a button and withdraw the fractional amounts across all the pies, leaving me with whole shares where applicable. If a share is less than 1 whole share, then the feature excludes it from the withdrawal. OR I choose to withdraw 2% of the portfolios profits, tick which shares to exclude (if any) and then the software takes an equal amount from the remaining shares to make up that 2%.

Something like that perhaps? or a more refined version of this idea.

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That’s an interesting suggestion, @mani212. We’ll consider the possibility of implementing such an option, and I’ll keep you posted. :pray: