Dividend Payout Sortation?

I think there should be a new feature for pies if you receive dividends you can allocate How much of each company’s dividend goes back into each company say i have gd, McDonald’s, Realty Income and Pepsi, I want to put 25% on each company from realty incomes dividend, and for McDonald’s dividend I’d probably do 20% for gd, 20% for mcd, 40% for Realty Income and 20% for pepsi and That’s how McDonald’s Dividend would be split, so basically making it so you can choose exactly how much of each dividend goes back into each stock and have a setting to reinvest any earned dividend as soon as possible. Thanks :slight_smile: I know this is sort of a feature already but I feel it is too manual just now as I received a dividend but it wasn’t reinvested into my pie until I put more money into the pie myself, there should be an option to have the money automatically reinvest itself without putting more money into it, it’s nice to know you’ve earned a dividend and have the choice to do whatever with it but if I’ve selected to have it automatically reinvested then it should do it without needing me to do anything as it saves time, or maybe have an option for notifications so whenever you do get a dividend the app lets you know so you can set it to reinvest or if you’ve got it set to reinvest already it tells you how long till it’s reinvested, but thanks for reading either way.