A pie option for fix values for each share


I have some pies for saving in all position the same value of money. In depending on the number of positions in the pie not all share get exactly the same money: For example I have a pie with three positions and I invest in it 100 €, Two positions/shares get 33,30 € and one 33,40 €. In this case it will be much more better to say how many money will get all the shares in the pies! Can you add this helpful option for the pies?

You can do this already.

When you add money to the pie you can click the little drop-down to change how the money is split, if you pick custom you can then add what you like to each share.

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It do not work for me because it is only possible to edit the percent weight and not the absolutely value:

Can’ you just click in the box and type the value?

No, only in the percent box.

The best solution will be, that the app ask me how much I want to invest same in all the shares of the pie and calculate by itself the sum of investment into the pie.

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