Pie Percent Revert to Default

Hi all,

If I make a pie, I notice that the percent split per instrument in the pie is automatically created. e.g. 10 instruments are given 10% weighting each by default.

If I later go back and add to the pie, I have to manually make adjustments so my instrument splits add up to 100%. Is there a way to automatically readjust to equally split weightings amongst instruments? Am I missing something obvious here?

It’s a bit of a pain now. I’m creating a pie slowly but surely, every few hours or days thinking of or finding a new instrument to add to it, but have to manually readjust each time.

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Hey there @obrienciaran,

As @George has mentioned, this is something we’re working on and it is one of our upcoming features. It’ll definitely ease a lot the adjustment of target weights when you add new stocks to your pie. :grin:


Great. That’s good to know. Thanks for the response.

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