AA Capital investing journey using AutoInvest

Dear Trading212 users,

Please feel free to give me a follow on Twitter @CapitalAa or on my free substack newsletter https://aacapital.substack.com to join me on my investing journey of using T212’s Autoinvest feature going forwards to grow wealth and preserve capital!

It is going to be very exciting and I plan on doing write ups on individual high quality growth names!

AA Capital’s investment philosophy in a nutshell for those interested: Invest in the best, don’t just buy and hold but dollar cost average, do nothing else unless the thesis changes and see your capital grow!!!


Just had a read there. I’ll subscribe.

What does this mean on your Fastly article?

“this is a high growth stock and drawdowns of c50% is the price of admission to participate in the secular trend of a move towards edge computing and edge cloud.”

Do you mean that we shouldn’t buy unless the stock falls 50% in value?

Hi pipo, thanks for subscribing what I mean is that if growth stocks fall out of favour these high growth stocks can easily correct 50% without any change in underlying thesis of Fastly. As I noted, my cost base in this stock is much lower at around $23 but I was also long when it fell to low 10s during the misguided market COVID fears - if anything COVID has strengthened the thesis even more and I will be looking to add on any pullbacks as well as automating adds via T212 Autoinvest as long as the thesis is in intact!

Fastly is currently in a bit of a dip. I think I’ll buy a few stonks :slight_smile:

Obviously I am not qualified to give any investment advice but my own personal trial and error of last 10 years has taught me some lessons the hard way and one of the key ones is to always dollar cost average according to a set schedule into the best companies not the cheap ones - cheap ones are cheap for a reason!
Another lesson I learned the hard way is NOT to use set stop losses as long as the thesis is intact on a growth stock! Fastly is one such example in very early in its innings and is winning currently! It remains to be seen if it can maintain this winning streak for the next 5 years! Needless to say I am bullish! :slight_smile:

Yes I’m planning to go into dollar cost average mode when the auto invest feature is released on T212.

Did you liquidate any of your stocks during the recent crash? I’m a newbie so I wasn’t holding any stocks at the time.

Sold my lower conviction stocks and added to high conviction plays but no denying the sell off was scary which is yet another reason for dollar cost averaging as it overcomes human emotions!

An interesting read. Subscribed!

Thank you Trading 212 for the Auto invest! It is working great and you can follow my AutoInvest pie on my blog or on my Twitter account @Capitalaa for regular updates!
We are off to a great start with the total Pie positive on a down day!!

Just saw your blog with the excel sheet. Pretty cool. Does that update the stock prices automatically?

Yes I have setup some data source links to feed live pricing data but mostly use close of play prices for my purposes rather than intraday as I m only interested in investing rather than short term trading