My AutoInvest Pie: 10 stocks with huge upside potential

My latest blog post about the The Category Killers: 10 stocks with huge upside potential is now out: these are the stocks you can follow with me in my AutoInvest T212 investing pie:
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Great work will be interesting to see how these do. Personally one of the stocks I’m looking into is Virgin Galactic. Who knows may make us a fortune in the future too!


Made a pie using all these with an annual return of over 80%. I’ll put £20 per week into the pie for 2x years and let the magic of compounding to the rest


Why Roku?

I have to write 20 characters.

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Good luck - one piece of advice don’t blindly follow anyone but do your own research! Doing your own research will let you decide whether to hold or fold or buy more when the next big drawdown comes… it is only Inevitable some of these stocks would suffer some nasty drawdowns if 2020 is anything to go by!

I could be wrong but I believe ROKU is very misunderstood in the market at the moment as a mere TV stick - for me it is the operating system behind the connected TVs (currently is in more than 10 TVs OEM-just like iOS is for IPhones and windows Microsoft for computers!

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I have 4 pies set up. All long term so will only add to them I won’t be trading them. Something everyone should look into is cannabis stocks. Soooo cheap to buy now for its future with legalisation coming in more and more. Over 40% return on the 5 that’s currently on the pie list

You could just buy WCLD etf which I think has almost all of these (once they add to T212 that is)

Edit: ps surprised you didn’t mention Docusign. One of the biggest disruptors out there IMO

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Might be an alternative for others not for me - being an individual stock researcher, why would I dilute my highest conviction stock holding with stocks I don’t know much about and also pay an expense management fee of 0.5% or more to an ETF company when I can do the pie


Fair enough. Just saying for some people it could work. There are so many good cloud stocks in this sector and narrowing to 10 is hard work. Docusign. Elastic Search. Zscaler. Appian. Twilio. Pagerduty. Veeva systems. Zendesk. Blackline. Yext. Everbridge. Hubspot. Etc researching that lot will take a lot of time.

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Zoom is its own dot-com bubble.

When it detonates a lot of people are going to be out of pocket.


I think so. But I also think that Tesla at 1000 USD a share is VERY over-priced, yet a few hours ago it was again around that price :man_shrugging:. I like electric vehicles and their brand, but not at this price (nor the manipulating tweets).

What I mean is, it may just keep pumping upwards and upwards…

See Tesla has detonated twice and got back to where it is.

I don’t think Tesla is a good comparison. When Tesla makes it, it makes it.

Zoom replace when with if

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I agree, Tesla’s chance of growth in the long term is like 95% at least. Might be overpriced for now but I think the market is pricing in a lot of their potential, and I think they’re going to have a big P/E for years. Just hoping it has another one if those drops so I can buy more because I had no money during the last drop :frowning:


Well in all honesty, many believers in Tesla. But at what price?

Current valuation is pricing in exponential growth infinitely… The fundamentals are lagging severely, even with huge projected eps growth for 20/21, we can see price far far ahead of any real fundamentals…


Same with all rapidly growing stocks. Turn into this rampant feeding frenzy.

Maybe you’re right, definitely looks overvalued, but I don’t think it will come to around fair value until earnings catch up. And earnings will increase a lot, they’ve barely tapped into their revenue. I just love a company that constantly has greater ambitions than capacity

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No strong opinion on Telsa - Markets will continue to reward stocks that are perceived to have favourable unit economics and overvalued can get more overvalued in a zero interest rate world . I believe my Category Killers list is extremely richly valued but they are the best of the breed in my mind and are top tier!!! Wht should they be cheap? No second tier SaaS companies in this list ! Zoom’s is very richly valued but it’s unit economics are INCREDIBLE at least for now!! - I will spell this out in a future substack blog post deep dive into Zoom for all when I get some more time.
@CapitalAa is my twitter handle

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I’m up 4.32% since posting above that I was going to make a pie with it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: looking forward to watching it blossom over the next year!! If it does well I’ll donate 5% to a charity of your choice


Good to hear that cashurkash - The portfolio has started off really well - I posted this on Twitter earlier

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