Ability to set a Result for Auto Sell

it think it will be a great feature if we can set a result in a sell transaction so that it auto sells when it reaches the desired result.

Click on the stock you want to sell, then select LIMIT.

Enter the desired price you wish to sell for and then a limit order is put in to sell your stock for that price once it hits that amount.

As shown below:

You can see the amount of profit which will be generated under the “Number of units” section, so just calculate how much you want that way, if you are after a certain amount of profit etc.

Hi, it does not work in case where there are other charges eg currency conversion , stamp duty etc as those charges will have to be calculated manually to set the price.

Admittedly yes, those external factors it doesn’t help with.
Hopefully they will add everything mentioned soon, which i imagine they will.