Sold stock when it shouldnt of

Hi @David I placed a limit sell on a stock and it automatically sold it before this price oh wow😂 I only had 2 shares but not the point

what was share, price set and time of. execution?

GNUS share price was like $3.70 and literally like 3 minutes ago. It’s dropped since so I’m happy :joy: but I’m not cos I didn’t wanna sell them yet haha

Price set for sale was 3.50

was the price wide enough for it? I did it wrong a few weeks ago lost a pretty penny profit due to it

I don’t know, it should tell me if it’s not tho

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im still new to limit sells so dont know 100% lol ill follow this though as the more others do it the more I learn

You wanted a minimum of 3.50 and said the price was near 3.70 that’s done exactly what it says on the tin.

As long as you got 3.50 or more.

:joy: this is me having a laugh but how is that what it says on the tin, if it says you get 10 pieces and u open it and there’s 7 is that okay? I put a limit to sell at
3.50 not. 3.70 but I know it’s at 3.50 now so I’m cool, put a buy order in for 2.75 hopefully get it Monday morning everyone miserable selling haha !

Wait are you saying you had a limit of 3.70 and you got 3.50?

A limit order is just the minimum amount per share. It’s only an issue if you got less than it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wait. So the current price was 3.70 when you set a Limit Sell for 3.50

And you want to know why it sold?

Edit: hah phil beat me to it

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No the other way around haha price was 3.70 I put to sell at 3.50 and it sold straight away. Do you think currency conversion plays a part ???

No it’s just done what it’s meant to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You said you wanted a minimum of 3.50 by putting in a limit order, it said well I can do better have 3.70 ca-ching sold.

How if I buy something at 2 pound and want to sell it at 4 pound and it sells it at 3.80 is that what I put? Exact example I bought at 2.20 price was at 3.70 I wanted to sell at 3.50 and it sold. I got more yes but I didn’t want to I’d only of sold if it hit 3.50 as I feel it will drop off then. But it doesn’t matter anyway I’ve learnt now haha! Thanks for quick response tho guys!

You have two options a stop or a stop limit when selling. The stop is the trigger point. A normal stop will turn it into a market sell at that point, a stop limit would trigger and then create a limit order.

I THINK I understand what you are saying.
In that case…

If you put a limit sell UNDER the current sell price, it will sell straight away. A Limit Sell only means you want to get MINIMUM the price you set. Since the current price was ABOVE your limit, it sold.

What you probably wanted to do was a stop sell, which you can place under the current sell price, because it only activates when the price hits your stop.

Sell Limit 3.50 -> you will sell when the price is 3.50 or above
Sell Stop 3.50 -> you will sell when the price hits 3.50, at the best price that is available

Stop/Limit -> Limit went out for a few drinks with Stop, one thing led to another and…


you sold under its value so it will automatically fill and make someones smaller buy target fill lol

This seems like a quick response chat atm can anyone find rubicon project? Can’t seem to find it but I’ve had the stock before