Accessing company details from within pies

Frustrating that the app and website do not support tap/click through to the company information page like you get with search pages. Please add the click through from pies. Thanks


This functionality has been requested by users very frequently. It was said by staff that this functionality had been programmed into the app from the day pies were first introduced, but then temporarily switched off (for some reason unknown). At each app update I look to see if it has been finally switched on. No luck yet. It would certainly be convenient.


Yes to this as well! It’s unintuitive to need to head back to your investments tab to find company details when you’re browsing through your pie’s components.


Thanks Richard. Odd that what you described should have been a simple fix and has not happened yet. Maybe it broke something new in regression tests and got chucked in the ‘too hard’ bucket… been there, done that!