Viewing Company Details in desktop view

So in the app there’s a section called Company details when you look at an instrument has things like the desc and sector/industry.

Where is it in the desktop mode? I was expecting to see it next to additional info (called properties when you look at it)


Yes, I’ve noticed this discrepancy too, haven’t been able to find it on desktop either and I use desktop 100X more than I do the App so I’m confident to say it doesn’t exist for some very strange reason. I have to use other sites to get info when I’m on the PC

The team have told us that this is planned for release soon.

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Are ok so that wasn’t me being thick. I had thought I’d deleted or hidden the widget .

Ah that’s a shame.

:pray: hopefully it’s trivial to add another block with it in.

Excellent, this is good to hear it’s already planned :+1:

Otherwise the desktop is pretty good.

The only other werid thing is you can accidentally open like 5 of the same instrument by clicking in the sidebar. And the sell / buy more on hover is annoying.

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Yes, the phone app seems to be the best amongst the web and tablet (iPad) app in regards to Company Details. iPad version is actually the worst amongst the 3 versions, there is no portfolio feature at all there :frowning:.
As the T212 team promised, some time in May they will release some big updates.
Really hope to see the Company Details on web app, as well as some big improvements on iPad app, since these have bigger screens.
And lastly, could T212 please add Ex-Dividend and Dividend Payout Dates across all 3 platforms with the new release? I am sure entire T212 community will highly appreciate that.
After all these features will be added on top of existing Zero commissions trading, T212 will definitely be #1 in U.K. and Europe.
Thank you T212 for continuously working hard on improving your services.
Keep it up!!!

The other thing I don’t get both app/desktop is why there are instruments with sector and industry yet they don’t appear in the folder view picker. Seems odd they have been added but for reason not enabled to be seen but can be searched. I’ve already raised this with @David I think he said they were working on it. There’s about 200 in total.

Hi everyone,
Will anybody from T212 care to give some heads up about the date and the added features on the New Release?

Company details for web will be released along with a big UI update to our web platform. We’re actively working on this. We won’t commit to a specific deadline, yet.

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Thanks @George!
Stay safe!