Account value - big discrepancy

Hi, I have added all my deposits and withdrawals under transactions and it comes to £8,689. My total account value is £7,716 . I have an invest account and 2 pies, all in the green and I have 14 in free funds. I don’t understand where nearly £1000 has gone? Any ideas anyone? What am I missing?

Did you account for realised losses? You can see the total realised profit / loss of your account in the account history section.

Hi George, In the history section I have total returns of 138.45. Under deposit is says Deposit 7,
179 withdrawal 290.68. yet when I manually add the deposits and withdrawals it comes to way more than the deposit is showing. (I’ve calculated twice, maybe I should add it all again)

@tonyp Hi. Everything looks okay with your account, I’ll provide the calculations in a private message.

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Can someone tell me how account value is calculated?

Is it correct to calculate it by minusing the withdrawals and realised loss from the total deposit?

I’m seeing a discrepancy between my value and what I can see on my account by doing it this way.

Roughly speaking, your account balance should be the sum of:

'+ Deposits
'+ Unrealised Gain/Loss
'+ Dividends
'+ Realised Gain/Loss
'- Withdrawals

That’s what I would have thought. And would equity fees and currency conversion charges be included in the realised profit/loss?

Should be wrapped up in your total buy/sale proceeds figure yes.

Hey, guys, just a quick addition, if you don’t mind. Here’s a simple formula, you can use to calculate the Account value :

Account value = The sum of all transactions (deposits&withdrawals) +/- Results from closed positions +/- Result from current positions + Dividends - Costs.