What’s with the value discrepancies?

I’m not complaining lol, I’m just very curious why there’s three different values for my portfolio. All my money is in my pie. No cash in my account, just £0.33 cash in my pie. Account value says £x.50, portfolio says £x.49 and pie says £x.51
And the discrepancy in returns. Is stamp duty still an issue? Very strange :thinking:

So your worried about 2p?

I don’t think @CavanHaganInvesting or anyone else would be worried. It’s just curiosity about why the software comes up with 3 different answers for something that should be the same.


To be fair there’s 6p missing on the profit against the portfolio figure @Richard.W

There used to be a discrepancy because the pie accounted for stamp duty and the portfolio didn’t, I thought that was patched. And that shouldn’t have any affect on total value, only profit.

People have complained about 1p missing many times, but this was due to rounding. Whereas these figures should all be identical so I don’t see why they would be rounded off differently

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mine’s been off by 1p for a little while as well LOL.

just funny every time I notice it again now.

Reminds me of the movie Office Space.

Quote: “Well those are whole pennies, right? I’m just talking about fractions of a penny here. But we do it from a much bigger tray and we do it a couple a million times.”

the top value always seems to update first, not sure why it’s not tied to the large value below it

Remember it’s the weekend so there’s no price movements

Anybody looked into this? @Team212

this morning my top value said 9976 and the value under “portfolio” was 9658, with this value usually moving closer to the top value every minute or so. I guess it’s just how the code is set up, it’s not a massive problem