Accumulating ETF’s

Would any of you kind investors be able to recommend to me a few accumulating ETF’s on the T212 Platform?

Much appreciated :+1:

CSP1 is a good S&P 500 one that accumulates (it’s the same basically as VUSA which is distributing, CSP1 is also much bigger as it has been around longer I think)

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Would you recommend CSP1 over VUSA, if so, why? I am uncertain deciding between those two.


I have CSP1 over VUSA in my ISA as it accumulates which means you can just leave it alone rather than having to reinvest the distributions. Outside an ISA is more tricky since accumulation makes it harder to work out tax owed.

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If I understand this correctly, the dividends get back into the price of the stock instead of being payed out?

I never actually thought about it but yes that is right I think, the accumulation version price will increase over time more as it’s reinvesting itself. I found a good table showing this effect on this page and how it compares to distributing.


I’m invested into IWFM- iShares world momentum fund- pretty happy with it so far. Watched a great YouTube video by Dividend Growth Machine about momentum funds (beat the s&p500 by 181%) if you want to check it out.

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Really depends on how diversify you wanna be.
You have ETFs that are US-centred (SP500 & co), others that are tracking companies worldwide (msci world & co), etc…
What are you looking for ?

Thanks for that, I will do :+1:

Thank you for the recommendation. Much appreciated :+1:

Thanks, I am looking to invest in 4 or 5 accumulating ETF’s and will look to diversify across many sectors and regions.

In Ireland where I am the accumulating ETF’s are much more attractive due to tax system.

It’s a shame T212 do not list the income type of the ETF’s as that would make it much easier to see what choices I have, although I do appreciate it’s not hard to do your own research.

If you want to be diversified, you should go for MSCI World (1500 best western companies) and MSCI All Country World (that one includes non-western companies). Popular ones are from iShares (massive funds, very liquid).
Just with those two you’d be hyper diversify :slight_smile:
I don’t know if you’ve heard about this website or if anyone has recommended it to you already but you should have a look and do your research on (tremendous platform with a top-notch search engine and very good information for each ETF that ever existed).
Good luck!

Thank you for the information, it is very much appreciated… looks a great website. :+1:

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