ETF's for a newbie investor

I’m now invested long term with both these ETF’s, Vanguard VUSA (popularity, diversity, good steady performance & costs) & Invesco EQQQ ( popularity, great performance & costs). These two are now the basis of my portfolio. I also feel i should have some investment in my own UK market but it just seems to trade sideways, dividends have mostly stopped too. Eventually i would love to invest in individual companies but i feel i’m not yet knowledgeable enough to do so, i feel i’d just end up following the crowd. So at least i’m now being proactive in the stock market rather than waiting months, years until i feel confident There’s not an awful lot of information on this site regarding ETF’s, so is it just a case of looking at each of the ETF’s websites and getting all the info from there? Do the costs differ on T-212 against going direct with ETF’s. Do they also pay out any dividends on the Trading 212 platform?

Thanks in advance…

Personally I’m liking the iShares green energy etf.

I feel it’s a good growth market the ter is a little higher than some but similar to eqqq.

And its global etf so gives exposure to em and developed.

Theres heavy government regulations pushing green energy which are only going to get harsher so it seems to have a bright future.

The costs are the same regarding t212 and others but do check the spread (price difference between buying and selling) it can be wide or narrow depending on the activity at the time.

Yes dividends get paid to your t212 free cash

Accumulating etfs perform better as theres a bit less cost than debuting yourself.

An eyf labeled dist or distributing pays dividends an acc or accumulating takes the dividends and just buys more of the etf automatically for you good for compounding.

If you’re just starting the isa account in the UK is a good one to avoid capital gains tax

1 Like is a good site for comparing


Vanguard usually charge for holding their funds if you go direct, so in that case it’s cheaper to use T212, however there is no difference in the ETF itself.

I prefer the global stock market VWRL over VUSA, but they are mostly the same as the big boys in VUSA are the big boys in VWRL. EQQQ is a nice one while tech is doing so well. Would say there’s nothing wrong having a portfolio based around the ones you have chosen.