ACTT - Act II Global Acquisition Corp

Please could this stock be added. Many thanks


Merger vote happens tomorrow (Monday 15th June) so I’d say this was a timely addition @David @PeterA @Martin :+1:

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Morning @Martin @David @PeterA be great to get ACTT added ASAP please. Thanks (also MFAC!) thx!

Vote postponed till next week


Meet Whole Earth Brands, which will be created after Act II Global Acquisition Corp. (tickers: ACTTU, ACTT, ACTTW) , a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), purchases two companies that own a range of consumer sweetener brands including Equal along with a thriving flavorings business. The close of the deal is imminent, with the deadline for Act II investors to redeem shares for cash on Thursday, June 11 and the vote to approve the merger on Monday, June 15.
Thanks in advance :+1:

today is already the 13th. I can only say you waited far too late to place a stock request.

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I did ask wednesday🤷‍♂️

I appreciate the team had a lot on their plates though.

I mean that previous requests have been made for new additions with the understanding that it may take weeks. then we get people showing up wanting them in a matter of days :roll_eyes:

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Ok my bad, I’ll remember that in future

Also $ACTT would be nice to have

Please get ACTT on trading212

Please can this be added. The merger vote has been approved today and would like to buy some shares. Cheers @David

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Please add this stock :pray:t5:

Started trading under FREE today and available on Interactive Brokers. “Technically” a new IPO … right!!! Pushing our luck perhaps …

@Martin @PeterA @David