Please add NASDAQ:FMCI

Forum Merger II Corporation Class A Common Stock:

SPAC company about to do a merger with a plant based food company.


@David is there any way we can make sure our stock requests get heard vs buried/ignored?

Is there an eta on a turnaround once a stock gets approved?

Seems there’s a meeting scheduled for 8th June. Would be nice to have this up and running beforehand. Might be the next DraftKings? :tipping_hand_man:

Still not added? How does the request qorks?

Hope they add it soon in next batch.

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Are new shares still being added or what?

No response from T212… come on we are giving you time to build up and request famous stocks … help us out here or at-least acknowledge the request.

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+1 for this. I also requested it. Seems pretty interesting

YES. please add FMCI. Feels like we will missout on the wave if not

+1 for this request please

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+1 for this request, please

It might be no IPO @David, but could this highly requested SPAC please be added today? FOMO is kicking in for a lot, however it has a good track record with the team behind it, and there is a planned upcoming meeting. I’m sure everyone would like to trade it today/tomorrow. Thanks in advance.


+1 for this request - please add FMCI


@David - these guys have a meeting on June 8th which is when they will likely announce who they will be merging with. It is already gaining quite a lot of traction and at this rate T212 users are going to be way behind the curve of other providers.

This stock has already increased 15% since I made the post and is going to go up a lot more come Monday.

Please add this!

Thank you.

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It’ll be available today.


Thanks @David! :beers::beers::beers:

I’m ready and waiting for Monday now! :rofl:

@mcwilliams91 or anyone that knows, what happened yesterday in the end?

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@EquityInvestor They announced an extension on the date to finalise/close a deal; :+1:

There’s a fair few tweets going about with speculation on who they’re actually looking at and I’ve not seen anything further as of yet.

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A new job post has appeared on this site. I wonder why. :thinking::thinking::smirk:

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