Add BigCommerce (BIGC) ASAP!

It’s the era of e-commerce and I’m sure no one wants to miss any vital opportunities in their life.

So please add BigCommerce before its too late.


Expected IPO date is tomorrow. Have a look around the forum at the great work @Joey_Fantana is doing - flags all upcoming IPO’s on the day of coming to market.

Word of warning - you won’t get this at the IPO price of $21-23, this will likely open a lot higher to market and usually comes late afternoon.

For what it’s worth, I see no competitive advantage over SHOP.


Thanks @martinjbell.

Also know now, IPOs don’t open with the market. They open when they’re ready to go public, ie. as Martin said, late afternoon.

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Got it covered.

Rackspace and BigCommerce… interesting day tomorrow.


Hej guys,
we would love to see NSYE: BIGC (BigCommerce) being added to trading212 the claimed trading day for this IPO is TOMORROW on 05/08/2020 @Martin or @PeterA

Thanks in advance.

Many greetings!

Morning @T212 @David
Can you please add NYSE:BIGC (BigCommerce Inc.) to the request list please?

Also interested. Will be bumping tomorrow.

True, but nonetheless, an opportunity to get in at a lower market cap with high prospects of growth for those that missed the shopify train;)

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