Add Ethereum ETP


Would love to see an ethereum etp like the bitcoin etp you already offer


Think positive, stay negative :wink:


Who provides an Ethereum ETP? I didn’t know there was one.

Not sure if these can be added…
There could be more like these

Products | 21Shares

AETH | 21Shares

this one too:

I would close all my crypto accounts and move to Trading212 if those ETPs are included in the invest platform.
Looking forward for more Crypto ETPs!!!

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You realise crypto ETPs are banned in about 40 days time so I wouldn’t be that quick to ditch them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I doubt we’ll get this request filled before the FCA ban comes in tbh

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I know.

Why did FCA ban etp anyway?

I do not mind more crypto/ non cfd etps coming later next year as long as they come next spring/summer

Because the FCA are good at making bad decisions. :joy: they wanted to “protect” the poor retail people from leveraged products and somehow the ETPs got included due to referencing an underlying asset.

It sounds like there may be a plan for T212 to do actual coins next year.

@phildawson, I hold a small position in BTCE. Would that be included in the ban you mention?

Yep, it’ll go to hold and sell only. The buy button will disappear basically.

Nope open position not affected

So I guess all the 2x and 3x products will disappear then?

They are pretty risky so I would not be too surprised.

Only if they are crypto related. It’s basically FCA being paid off, if they were that concerned they would have taken down non crypto instruments.

It makes diddly squat just going after crypto under the guise of protecting people.


It is probably safer to buy an ETP than to invest in an exchnge (unless you have your own external wallet and take precautions).


It’s frustrating. It’s a fairly legacy way of thinking, and they are either behind the times or making stupid decisions.

Like the recent SCA that the FCA blindly implemented the Europeans suggestion without pushing back on how it might affect the UK that have different terminals to how Europe works. So we now have to type our pin in after the contactless hits a limit. We’ve only had contactless for like a decade, contactless fraud is ridiculously low compared to other card fraud so it has no impact other than to piss people off and merchants who now have to deal with the random rejections where you don’t know the reason.

I use Google Pay so it doesn’t impact me but it still pissed me off how reckless they can be without thinking through the consequences. :upside_down_face:


To clarify again, for @Veevas, if you already have the position, the only thing you won’t be able to do is buy more. Also, if you sell any of your holding after January, you cannot buy it back.

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Thanks guys. That’s very helpful👍

Is it banned only in UK exchanges?

Can a person in UK still trade ETP’s in EU exchanges? If so, what would be the tax implications?

Hi @Joey_Fantana
I have a small position in BTCE in euros. Would that be affected by Brexit from 1st January?

No idea I’m afraid, mate. Give it a Google or try the longer threads that have already discussed the issue - might be queried there.

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