Bitcoin ETP - BTCE post UK ban on Crypto

Can you someone please clarify how FCA crypto ban from Jan 2021 would affect investors holding the Bitcoin ETP stock in their portfolio? Do they need to be liquidated ? Will be they be able buy or sell more after the ban date?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum, it is quite an active place so I recommend using the search function as there’s likely an answer somewhere :face_with_monocle:

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Thank you, it’s useful but my query is not clarified still. Looking forward other responses.

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We are still awaiting an official response.

In theory if you are UK based then you should be able to hold them forever, but you can’t buy anymore after that 6 Jan date. If you’re UK and your status is pro then you should be able to still buy.

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Do you know if the ban also applies to people outside the UK?