Add "iShares Global Clean Energy" on Xetra please

iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF is already available on the platform but only on the London Stock Exchange in a “p” version.
Would it be possible to get the original one (at roughly 8€ a share) ?

iShares Global Clean Energy ETF


Also waiting for it :pray:


@Team212 @David Would it be doable ?

@David @PeterA Could you please add it for Xetra now that the US and LSE are done ? Thx

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@David, @Team212 Please add this ETF in euro. Thank you!!

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Second this, thank you!

@David @Team212 Could you please add this instrument for those who don’t want to buy penny stocks. This is a popular ETF: surely you could provide several versions of it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I have also bought in $ but what would be the difference if we buy it in Euro? Asking just for my knowledge. Thanks.

@StockRed There won’t be any difference buying in euro or dollar. Same performance. Problem with ETFs with a really small value per unit is that you’ll always get fucked when you buy and sell due to the “hyper fractional” nature of the instrument.
So if you have the money, better buy ETFs with a higher value per unit (hundreds of dollars or euros is the best you can get) and good liquidity. Otherwise you will “lose” money that should be rightfully yours.
If you want to make a test, buy at the exact same time the same amount of S&P500 as ETF and CFD. ETFs will earn you less every time. On large trades it could be tens of dollars/euros. Too bad CFD don’t exist without leverage and overnight fees. Cause they would be killer investments. I know I’m dreaming :slight_smile:

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thanks for the reply so unless I am not buying CFD currency doesn’t makes any difference.

@StockRed CFD isn’t a currency, it’s an instrument. Essentially it’s a homemade product that reproduces an index or a stock but you trade it directly with your broker rather than on the stock market.

To answer your question, it’s always better to buy 1 etf of X at 100$ than buy 100 etfs of X at 1$. It will be like having a smaller spread. That’s why I’m asking for an ETF that is quoted 10.00$ rather than that bullshit penny version at 2.17648965435675436 (lol)

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Currency: EUR

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