Please add XLF etf

Please add Financial Select Sector SPDR® ETF (XLF )

They will not be able to add this. It is US domiciled, not a UCITS ETF, and so cannot be sold in Europe. @kali makes an interesting comment here.

You could however ask for iShares IUFS or Invesco XLFS or db x-trackers XDWF.

Each is ICITS and comes in a USD and GBP currency version. I suggest you research them on and report back to us on which of the 3 seems better, and why. They will differ in charges and size of fund and perhaps a bit on past performance. I personally like iShares, but the other companies may have something competitive.

Thanks. I’ve already requested iShares one yesterday :slight_smile:

What was your reason for requesting XLF? They are so similar that you probably only want to invest in one. I guess XLF may have a lower charge, but as noted it is not available in Europe.

Here’s comparison of some available financial sector trackers. There looks to be little to choose between them.

I’m v new to investment… My acquaintance who used to live in the US was telling me about the Etf… I thought that it was the one of biggest etf in the area without looking up.
Never mind…
I’ve already requested iShare finance etf yesterday…
many thanks